Strongtyping package

The package can be installed via `pip install -i strongtyping`

The problem:
def multipler(a: int, b: int):
    return a * b

product = multipler(3, 4)
# >>> 12

# Some IDE's will/can highlight that one of the parameter doesn't match
# but you can run it
product_2 = multipler('Hello', 'World')
# >>> TypeError

When we receiver an Exception then we are 'safe' and know what to do but sometimes you will not run into an Exception

product_3 = multipler('Hello', 4)
# >>> 'HelloHelloHelloHello'

The result isn't really what we expect.
Now we can say that we will check the types in the function body to prevent this.

def multipler(a: int, b: int):
if isinstance(a, int) and isinstance(b, int):
    return a * b

But when your function needs a lot of different parameters with different types you have to create a lot of noising code.

My solution:>

I created a decorator called **@match_typing** which will check at runtime if the parameters you used when calling this function are from the same type as you wanted. Here are some examples from my tests

def func_a(a: str, b: int, c: list):

result_1 = func_a('1', 2, [i for i in range(5)])
# >>> True

result_2 = func_a(1, 2, [i for i in range(5)])
# >>> will raise a TypeMismatch Exception

At the current state it will work with

  • builtin types like: str, int, tuple etc
  • from typing: List, Tuple, Union also nested ( Tuple[Union[str, int], Union[list, tuple]] )
  • with string types representation like
    class A:
        def func_a(self, a: 'A'):

Link: strongtyping-pypi

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